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1211 Western Diamond Mountains fault zone
1212 Diamond Mountains fault zone
1213 Eastern Little Smoky Valley fault
1214 Unnamed faults in Northern Pancake Range
1215 Unnamed fault zone
1216 Unnamed fault zone
1218 Unnamed fault east of Pognip Ridge
1219 Unnamed faults east of Freeland and Lampson Canyons
1221 Unnamed fault east of the Mokomoke Mountains
1222 Unnamed fault on west side of Moorman Ridge
1223 Jakes Valley fault zone
1224 Unnamed faults in northern Jakes Valley
1225 East Jakes Valley fault zone
1226 Unnamed faults between Jakes Valley and White River Valley
1235 Unnamed faults northwest of Giroux Wash
1236 Unnamed fault south of Riepetown
1237 Unnamed fault northeast of Kimberly
1238 Central Steptoe fault zone
1239 Connors Canyon fault zone
1240 Unnamed faults east of Taylor Peak
1241 Schell Creek Range fault
1245 Sacrament Pass fault
1246 Snake Valley fault
1247 Unnamed fault on north end of Snake Range
1251 Unnamed fault on west side of Snake Range
1252 Unnamed faults in southern Red Hills
1256 Unnamed faults on southeast side of Kern Mountains
1259 Eastern Antelope Valley fault zone
1261 Antelope Range-Kingsley Mountains fault zone
1262 Unnamed faults in the northern Red Hills
1264 Unnamed fault in Grass Valley wash
1265 Southern Spring Valley fault zone
1266 Unnamed faults on western margin of Anteope Range
1272 Steptoe Valley fault system
1273 Unnamed faults in Steptoe Valley
1274 Unnamed fault of western Egan Range
1275 Cherry Creek fault zone
1276 Butte Valley fault zone
1277 Butte Mountains fault zone
1278 West Long Valley fault
1279 Unnamed faults in western Long Valley
1280 Unnamed fault east of Moody Mountain
1281 Alligator ridge fault
1282 Newark valley fault zone
1283 Unnamed faults northwest of Illipah
1284 Unnamed fault east of Buck Mountain
1368 Unnamed fault east of Little Smoky Valley
1378 Duck Water fault
1379 Bull Creek fault
1380a Railroad Valley fault zone, Mount Hamilton section
1385 Unnamed fault northeast of White Pine Peak
1398 White River Valley fault zone
1399 Unnamed fault east of Egan Range
1410 East Steptoe Valley fault zone
1433 Southern Snake Range fault zone
1438 Unnamed faults in southeastern Huntington Valley
1706 Medicine Range fault zone
1707 Taylor Peak fault zone
1709 Maverick Springs Range fault zone
1715 Southern Huntington Valley fault zone
1721 Unnamed fault zone in Ferber Hills
2415 Lime Mountain fault
2428  Snake Valley faults
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