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1211 Western Diamond Mountains fault zone
1261 Antelope Range-Kingsley Mountains fault zone
1272 Steptoe Valley fault system
1277 Butte Mountains fault zone
1561 Adobe Range fault
1573 Ruby Mountains fault zone
1575 Unnamed fault zone in northwest Clover Valley
1582a Independence Valley fault zone, northern section
1582b Independence Valley fault zone, southern section
1590 Pilot Creek Valley fault
1599 Pilot Range faults
1706 Medicine Range fault zone
1707 Taylor Peak fault zone
1708 Unnamed faults of the Medicine Range
1709 Maverick Springs Range fault zone
1711 Northern Butte Valley fault
1712 Dolly Varden Mountains fault zone
1713 Goshute fault zone
1714 Northern Huntington Valley fault zone
1715 Southern Huntington Valley fault zone
1716 Western Huntington Valley fault zone
1717 Cedar Ridge fault zone
1718 Ruby Valley fault zone
1719 Spruce Mountain Ridge fault zone
1720 Unnamed fault zone in Antelope Range
1721 Unnamed fault zone in Ferber Hills
1722 Eastern East Humboldt Range fault zone
1723 Elko fault
1724 Boone Spring Hills fault zone
1725 Unnamed faults of West Buttes
2402 Deep Creek faults
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