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51b Owens Valley fault zone, 1872 Rupture section
65b Southern Sierra Nevada fault zone, Haiwee Reservoir section
66a Hunter Mountain-Saline Valley fault zone, Saline Valley section
66b Hunter Mountain-Saline Valley fault zone, Hunter Valley section
67a Panamint Valley fault zone, northern Panamint Valley section
67b Panamint Valley fault zone, Wildrose section
67c Panamint Valley fault zone, southern Panamint Valley section
68 Hanaupah fault
73 Airport Lake fault zone
97 Towne Pass fault
106 Unnamed West Side faults
141a Northern Death Valley fault zone, Grapevine Mountains section
141b Northern Death Valley fault zone, Mesquite Flat-Screwbean Spring section
141c Northern Death Valley fault zone, Kit Fox Hills section
142a Black Mountains fault zone, Mustard Hills transition zone
142b Black Mountains fault zone, Artists Drive section
142c Black Mountains faul zone, Copper Canyon section
142d Black Mountains fault zone, Smith Mountain section
144 Furnace Creek fault zone
181 Texas Springs syncline
182 Echo Canyon thrust
183 Cross Valley fault
184 Grapevine fault
188 Tin Mountain fault
1065 Rock Valley fault zone
1066 Mine Mountain fault
1067 Cane Spring fault
1068 Wahmonie fault
1072 Peace Camp faults
1073 West Spring Mountains fault
1076 Pahrump fault
1077 Ash Meadows fault zone
1078 Amargosa River fault zone
1079 Bare Mountain fault
1080 Yucca Mountain faults, eastern group
1081 Yucca Mountain faults, western group
1094 Grapevine Mountains fault
1113 Last Chance Range fault
1114 West Specter Range fault
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