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1044 Emigrant Valley South faults
1045 Emigrant Valley North faults
1046 Stumble fault
1047 Groom Range Central fault
1048 North Desert Range fault
1049 Chalk Mountain fault
1050 Tikaboo fault
1051 Jumbled Hills fault
1052 Chert Ridge faults
1053 Cockeyed Ridge-Papoose Lake fault
1054 Indian Springs Valley fault
1055 Buried Hills faults
1057 West Pintwater Range fault
1058 Cenral Pintwater Range faults
1059 East Pintwater Range fault
1063 Carp Road fault
1064 Sheep Range fault
1083 East Belted Range fault
1115 Sheep Basin fault
1121 Coyote Spring fault
1122 Maynard Lake fault
1123 Kane Spring Wash fault
1124 Dry Lake fault
1125 West Dry Lake fault
1126 Delamar Mountains fault
1127 Delamar Valley fault
1128 Pahroc fault
1129 Six-mile Flat fault zone
1130 Hiko fault zone
1131 Southeast Coal Valley fault
1132 Penoyer fault
1133 Fallout Hills fault
1381 Quinn Canyon fault
1393 Golden Gate fault
1402 Unnamed fault of the Seaman Range
1403 White River fault
1734 Unnamed faults in the Panaca area
1735 Unnamed faults east of the Highland Range
1736 Unnamed faults east of Pioche
1737 Unnamed faults of Meadow Valley Wash
1738 Mount Irish Range fault
1739 Unnamed faults of western Pahranagat Valley
1740 Unnamed faults of Badger Valley
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