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2053a San Andres fault, northern section
2053b San Andres fault, central section
2054a Alamogordo fault, Threes Rivers section
2054b Alamogordo fault, Sacramento Mountains section
2056a Jornada Draw fault, northern section
2060 Engle Lake fault
2088a Caballo fault zone, northern section
2088b Caballo fault zone, southern section
2100 Hot Springs fault
2101 Mud Springs fault
2102 Walnut Springs fault
2103 Palomas Creek fault zone
2104 Cuchillo Negro fault zone
2105 Unnamed faults west of Caballo Reservoir
2106 Unnamed faults west of Elephant Butte Reservoir
2107 Milligan Gulch fault zone
2108b Socorro Canyon fault zone, southern section
2110 West Joyita fault zone
2125 VLA faults
2129 Cedar Lake and Antelope faults
2130 Black Hill fault
2131 Unnamed faults along San Mateo Mountains
2132 Unnamed faults west of Bosque del Apache
2133 Fra Cristobal fault zone
2134 Unnamed faults on the Cuchillo Plain
Last modified December 15, 2005