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2033b Tijeras-Cañoncito fault system, Canyon section
2037 Sandia fault
2049 Unnamed faults near Albuquerque Volcanoes
2108a Soccoro Canyon fault zone, northern section
2108b Soccoro Canyon fault zone, southern section
2109a La Jencia fault, northern section
2109b La Jencia fault, southern section
2110 West Joyita fault zone
2111 Cliff fault
2112 Loma Blanca fault
2113 Loma Pelada fault
2114 Coyote Springs fault
2115 Unnamed intrabasin faults west of the Rio Puerco
2116 Sabinal fault
2117 Unnamed faults on the Llano de Manzano
2118 Los Piños fault
2119 Manzano fault
2120 Hubble Spring fault
2121 Intrabasin faults on the Llano de Albuquerque
2122 Cat Mesa fault
2123 Santa Fe fault
2124 Unnamed faults west of Mountainair
2125 VLA faults
2126 Unnamed faults northeast of Datil
2127 Unnamed faults at North Lake
2128 Coyote fault
2135 McCormick Ranch faults
2140 Cebollita Mesa fault
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