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900 East Franklin Mountains fault
901 Hueco fault zone
902 Campo Grande fault
905 Amargosa fault (Mexico)
2064 West Robledo fault zone
2065 Fitzgerald fault
2066 East Potrillo fault
2067 Mastodon fault
2068 Unnamed fault southeast of Strauss
2069 Unnamed fault north of Strauss
2071 Mt. Riley fault zone
2073 Camel Mountain fault
2074 Unnamed fault north of Eagles Nest
2076 Unnamed faults north of Hermanas
MX-89 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-90 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-91 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-92 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-93 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-97 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-99 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-100 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
MX-101 Unnamed fault (Mexico)
Last modified January 31, 2006