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White Sulfur Springs 1° x 2° Sheet

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Butte White Sulphur Springs

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671a Canyon Ferry fault, northern section
671b Canyon Ferry fault, southern section
672 Lower Duck Creek fault
673 Indian Creek faults
674 Hilger fault
675 Soup Creek fault
676 Boulder River Valley western border fault
677 Beaver Creek fault
678a Helena valley fault, main range-bounding section
678b Helena valley fault, piedmont section
679a Spokane Hills fault, range-bounding section
679b Spokane Hills fault, piedmont section
680 Regulating Reservoir faults
681a Spokane Bench fault, northern section
681b Spokane bench fault, southern section
686 Camas Creek fault
687 Smith Valley fault
691 Bridger fault
Last modified December 15, 2005