Reference: Map of Quaternary Faults and Fault Systems on the Island of Hawaii,
2007, Cannon, E.C., Bürgmann, R., Crone, A.J., Machette, M.N., and Dart, R.L.,
US Geological Survey Open File Report 2007-1284

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Num Name and class of structure
2600 Kohala Volcano
2600a Northwest volcanic lineament (class C)
2600b Southeast volcanic lineament (class C)
2600c Kohala graben section (class B)
2600d Kohala headwall section (class B)
2601 Mauna Kea Volcano (class C)
2602 Hualālai Volcano
2602a Northwest volcanic lineament (class C)
2602b North volcanic lineament (class C)
2602c South-southeast volcanic lineament (class C)
2603 Kealakekua fault system (class B)
2604 Kahuku fault system (class B)
2605 Mauna Loa Volcano
2605a Moku‘āweoweo caldera (class B)
2605b Northeast rift zone (class B)
2605c Southwest rift zone (class B)
2606 Ka‘ōiki seismic zone (class B)
2607 Ka‘ōiki-Honu‘apo fault system (class B)
2608 Kīlauea Volcano
2608a Kīlauea’s caldera (class B)
2608b East rift zone (class A)
2608c Southwest rift zone (class A)
2609 Koa‘e fault system (class B)
2610 Hilina fault system
2610a Pu‘u Mo‘o section (class B)
2610b Kūkalau‘ula Pali section (class B)
2610c Hilina Pali section (class B)
2610d Keana Bihopa section (class B)
2610e Pu‘u Ka‘one section (class B)
2610f Pu‘u Kapukapu section (class B)
2610g Makahanu Pali section (class B)
2610h Pu‘u‘eo Pali section (class B)
2610i Kīpuka Pāpalināmoku section (class B)
2610j Poliokeawe Pali section (class B)
2610k ‘Āinahou section (class B)
2610l Hōlei Pali section (class B)
2610m ‘Āpua Pali section (class B)
2610n Paliuli section (class B)
2610o Pūlama pali section (class B)
2611 Lō‘ihi Seamount
2611a Lō‘ihi’s caldera (class C)
2611b North rift zone (class C)
2611c South rift zone (class C)