Mississippi and Ohio Rivers region

Areas of Quaternary deformation and liquefaction

map showing area of quaternary liquifaction potential in the Wabash Valley of Illinois and Indiana

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1024 Wabash Valley liquefaction features
1027a Faults of the Thebes Gap area, English Hill fault zone
1027b Faults of the Thebes Gap area, Commerce fault
1027c Faults of the Thebes Gap area, Happy Hollow fault
1027d Faults of the Thebes Gap area, Sassafras Canyon faults
1027e Faults of the Thebes Gap area, Albrecht Creek fault
1027f Faults of the Thebes Gap area, Lambert trench at intersection of English Hill and Albrecht Creek faults
1028a Fluorspar area fault complex, Rock Creek graben
1028b Fluorspar area fault complex, Barnes Creek fault zone
1028c Fluorspar area fault complex, Hobbs Creek fault zone
1028d Fluorspar area fault complex, Raum fault zone
1028e Fluorspar area fault complex, Lusk Creek fault zone
1028f Fluorspar area fault complex, Kelley structure
1030 St. Louis-Cape Girardeau liquefaction features
2650 Kentucky River fault system
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