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1b San Andreas fault zone, North Coast section
28 Great Valley fault zone
30a Maacama fault zone, north section
30b Maacama fault zone, south section
31 Healdsburg fault
32 Rogers Creek fault
33 Tolay fault
34 Collayomi fault zone
35a Hunting Creek-Berryessa fault system, Wilson section
35b Hunting Creek-Berryessa fault system, Hunting Creek section
35c Hunting Creek-Berryessa fault system, Lake Berryessa section
36a West Napa fault, Browns Valley section
36b West Napa fault, Napa County Airport section
37 Green Valley fault
38a Concord fault, Avon section
55a Hayward fault zone, Northern Hayward section
61 Point Reyes fault
165 Big Valley fault zone
166 Cross Spring fault zone
169 Konocti Bay fault zone
170 West Margin fault
219 Cordelia fault
220 Alexander-Redwood Hill fault zone
221 Wight Way fault
222 Chianti fault
223 Joy Woods fault
224 Bloomfield fault
225 Americano Creek fault
226 Burdell Mountain fault
227 Soda Creek fault
228 Geyser Peak fault zone
229 Bennett Valley fault zone
231 Cobb Mountain fault
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