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1h San Andreas fault zone, Mohave section
1i San Andreas fault zone, San Bernardino Mountains section
89 San Gabriel fault
105e Sierra Madre fault zone, Clamshell-Sawpit section
105f Sierra Madre fault zone, Sierra Madre D section
105g Sierra Madre fault zone, Sierra Madre E section
105h Sierra Madre fault zone, Cucamonga section
107 San Jose fault
108a Cleghorn fault zone, Southern Cleghorn section
108b Cleghorn fault zone, Nortern Cleghorn section
109a North Frontal thrust system, Western section
109b North Frontal thrust system, Eastern section
110a Helendale-South Lockhart fault zone, South Lockhart section
110b Helendale-South Lockhart fault zone, Helendale section
110c Helendale-South Lockhart fault zone, Northern San Bernardino Mountains section
111a Lenwood-Lockhart fault zone, Lockhart section
111b Lenwood-Lockhart fault zone, Lenwood section
114a Camp Rock-Emerson-Copper Mountain fault zone, Camp Rock section
114b Camp Rock-Emerson-Copper Mountain fault zone, Emerson section
114c Camp Rock-Emerson-Copper Mountain fault zone, Copper Mountain section
115a Johnson Valley fault zone, Northern Johnson Valley section
115b Johnson Valley fault zone, Southern Johnson Valley section
116 Homestead Valley fault zone
117 Old Woman Springs-Silver Reef fault zone
118 Pinto Mountain fault zone (include Morongo Valley section)
119 Burnt Mountain fault
120 Eureka Peak fault
121a Calico-Hidalgo fault zone, Calico section
121b Calico-Hidalgo fault zone, West Calico section
121c Calico-Hidalgo fault zone, Hidalgo section
122a Pisgah-Bullion fault zone, Pisgah section
122b Pisgah-Bullion fault zone, Bullion section
122c Pisgah-Bullion fault zone, East Bullion section
122d Pisgah-Bullion fault zone, West Bullion section
123 Mesquite Lake fault
125a San Jacinto fault zone, San Bernardino Valley section
351 Lavic Lake fault
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