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1b San Andreas fault zone, North Coast Section
1c San Andreas fault zone, Peninsula section
1d San Andreas fault zone, Santa Cruz Mountains section
38a Concord fault, Avon section
38b Concord fault, Concord section
54a Calaveras fault zone, Northern Calaveras section
55a Hayward fault zone, Northern Hayward section
55b Hayward fault zone, Southern Hayward section
56 Monte Vista-Shannon fault zone
57 Berrocal fault zone
59 Zayante-Vergeles fault zone
60a San Gregorio fault zone, San Gregorio section
61 Point Reyes fault
107 San Jose fault
232 Cascade fault
235 Pilarcitos fault
236 Butano fault
237 Silver Creek fault zone
244 Stanford fault
245 San Jose fault
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