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1d San Andreas fault zone, Santa Cruz Mountains section
1e San Andreas fault zone, Creeping section
52b Ortigalita fault zone, Los Banos Valley section
52c Ortigalita fault zone, Piedra Azul section
54c Calaveras fault zone, Southern Calaveras section
54d Calaveras fault zone, Paicines section
58a Sargent fault zone, northwestern section
58b Sargent fault zone, southeastern section
60a San Gregorio fault zone, San Gregorio section
60b San Gregorio fault zone, Sur Region section
62a Monterey Bay-Tularcitos fault zone, Monterey Bay section
62b Monterey Bay-Tularcitos fault zone, Seaside-Monterey section
62c Monterey Bay-Tularcitos fault zone, Tularcitos
64 Quien Sabe fault
145a Chupines fault zone, Del Rey Oaks section
146 Cypress Point fault


Reliz fault zone, Blanco section
286b Reliz fault zone, Sierra de Salinas section
287 Pine Rock fault
288 San Benito fault zone
289 Los Positos fault
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