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41 Mono Lake fault
42 Silver Lake fault
43 Hartley Springs fault zone
44 Hilton Creek fault
45 Round Valley fault
46 Unnamed faults in Volcanic Tablelands
47a White Mountains fault zone, Montgomery section
47b White Mountains fault zone, Hammil section
47c White Mountains fault zone, central section
47d White Mountains fault zone, Inyo-Waucoba section
49a Fish Lake Valley fault zone, Leidy Creek section
49b Fish Lake Valley fault zone, Wildhorse Creek section
49c Fish Lake Valley fault zone, Oasis section
50 Deep Springs fault
51a Owens Valley fault zone, Keough Hot Springs section
51b Owens Valley fault zone, 1872 Rupture section
65a Southern Sierra Nevada fault zone, Independence section
1329 Emigrant Peak fault zone
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