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2a Cedar Mountain fault system, Mahogany Mountain section
2b Cedar Mountain fault system, Cedar Mountain section
2c Cedar Mountain fault system, Ikes Mountain - Mt. Hebron section
2d Cedar Mountain fault system, Stephes Pass section
3 Gillem - Big Crack fault system
4 Surprise Valley fault
5 Likely fault zone
6 Mayfield fault zone
7 Pittville fault
8 McArthur fault zone
9 Hat Creek fault zone
164 Jess Valley fault zone
172 Stoney Creek fault
173 Unnamed faults of Devilās Garden Plateau
174 Fitzhugh Creek fault zone
175 Davis Creek fault zone
176 Lake City fault
177 Nelson Corral fault
178 Unnamed faults in Big Valley area
195 Black Fox Mountain fault
196 Ash Creek fault
198 Unnamed fault east of Donovan Reservoir
199 Unnamed fault east of North Likely fault
200 Unnamed fault south of Devils Garden Plateau
201 Unnamed fault west of Fitzhugh Creek fault zone
207 Unnamed faults in Hambone-Dana area
828 Goose Lake graben faults
840 West Modoc Plateau faults
844 Sky Lakes fault zone
Last modified January 27, 2006