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991 Bright Angel fault zone
993 Central Kaibab fault system
994 West Kaibab fault system
997b Sevier/Toroweap fault zone, northern Toroweap section
997c Sevier/Toroweap fault zone, central Toroweap section
998b Hurricane fault zone, Ash Creek section
998c Hurricane fault zone, Anderson Junction section
998d Hurricane fault zone, Shivwitz section
998e Hurricane fault zone, Whitmore Canyon section
998f Hurricane fault zone, southern section
999 Sunshine Trail graben and faults
1000 Sunshine faults
1001 Gyp Pocket graben and faults
1002 Main Street fault zone
1003 Dutchman Draw fault
1004a Washington fault zone, northern section
1004b Washington fault zone, Mokaac section
1004c Washington fault zone, Sullivan Draw section
1005 Grand Wash fault zone
1006 Wheeler fault zone and graben
1007 Mesquite fault
1008 Littlefield Mesa faults
1012 Uinkaret volcanic field faults
1013 Andrus Canyon fault
Last modified January 31, 2006