Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator - Documentation & Help

Information about the Calculator

The Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator provides seismic design parameter values from:

The USGS no longer updates the Calculator and will eventually replace it with the U.S Seismic Design Maps tool.

Installation and run-time help

The Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator requires Java Runtime Environment version 1.6.0 or later installed on the user's computer. Users can check their version of Java from a command-line program by opening a command prompt (Windows) or terminal window (Macintosh) and typing java -version. The window will show several lines of information about the Java installation, including the version number.

If Java 1.6.0 or later is installed, download the Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator.

The downloaded Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator file should be a Java Archive file, with a filename ending in .jar not .zip. If the downloaded filename ends in .zip, manually change the extension to .jar. Then right-click the file icon and choose "Open with…". Select "Java Runtime Environment" and check the box marked "Use this application every time." If the Calculator still does not run, check the version of the Java Runtime Environment installed on the computer (as described above).

Error message: "Could not find the main class. Program will exit." - This message appears if the application is run with an older version of Java. Make sure a compatible version of the Java Runtime Environment (see above), and no other versions, are installed. Then try running the Calculator again.

Some computers running Windows 7 are not properly configured to run .jar files using the Java Runtime Environment. To resolve this issue, please follow this link. This link is not maintained by the USGS, and therefore the USGS cannot be held responsible for the current content on that page. Additionally, proper caution should be taken whenever making changes to a computer system.

Error message: "Could not establish a connection to the server. - Our server may be temporarily down..." This message usually appears when the user's organization has a firewall blocking the Calculator from accessing the USGS server. Users should ask their network staff to modify their firewall rules to allow the application to access the USGS servers.

If the user's organization uses a proxy to connect to the internet, the user must enter this information when prompted by the Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator. To check if the user's organization uses a proxy:

If the user inputs incorrect proxy information, the user can delete the configuration file, and the Calculator will prompt the user for the proxy information the next time the Calculator is run. The configuration file is named GroundMotionParameterConf.xml, and it is located in the home directory of the user's computer. This directory will most likely be labeled C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME (Windows) or /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/ (Macintosh).

If the user's proxy server requires authentication (that is, a username and password), this information can be set by running the Calculator from a command-line program. Open a command prompt (Windows) or terminal window (Macintosh) and type (on one line): java -Dhttp.proxyHost=((hostname)) -Dhttp.proxyPort=((portNum)) -Dhttp.proxyUser=((username)) -Dhttp.proxyPass=((password)) -jar ((path to NSHMP_HazardApp.jar)))) making the replacements shown in the following table:

((hostname))user's host name
((portNum))user's port number
((username))user's username
((password))user's password
((path to NSHMP_HazardApp.jar))))something like C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Desktop\NSHMP_HazardApp.jar or /Users/USER_NAME/Downloads/NSHMP_HazardApp.jar