Thailand Seismic Hazard Workshop

January 16-19, 2007
Chulalongkorn University

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January 16, Tuesday Morning, 9:00 AM

    Welcome (Mark Petersen, USGS; Prof. Panitan Lukkenaprasit, Chulalongkorn University)
    Earthquake Geology
  1. Global and regional tectonics (Kathy Haller, USGS)
  2. Quaternary fault map of Thailand (1Suwith Kosuwan, Department of Mineral Resources)
  3. Characterization of active faults (Kathy Haller, USGS)

January 16, Tuesday Afternoon, 1:30 PM

    Seismology I (Basic Seismology)
  1. Observational seismology (Burin Wechbunthung, Seismological Bureau)
  2. Seismic sources (Charles Mueller, USGS)
  3. Ground motion characterization (Charles Mueller, USGS)
  4. Site effects (Charles Mueller, USGS)

January 17, Wednesday Morning, 8:30 AM

    Seismology II (Seismic Hazard Principles)
  1. Seismic source models (Mark Petersen, USGS)
  2. Ground motion prediction equations (Charles Mueller, Mark Petersen, USGS)

January 17, Wednesday Afternoon, 1:30 PM

    Seismology III (Seismic Hazard Analysis)
  1. Hazard methodology (Mark Petersen, Charles Mueller, USGS)
  2. Practice example (Mark Petersen, USGS)

January 18, Thursday Morning, 8:30 AM

  1. USGS Seismic Hazard Codes (Mark Petersen, Charles Mueller, Kathy Haller, Nicolas Luco, USGS)

January 18, Thursday Afternoon, 1:30 PM

  1. Ground motions for design (Nicolas Luco, USGS)
  2. Seismic risk/loss analysis (Nicolas Luco, USGS)

January 19, Friday Morning 8:30 AM

    USAID Invitation and Welcome (Orestes Anastasia, USAID)
    Thailand Seismic Hazard Workshop
  1. Why are we developing new hazard maps for Thailand? (Prof. Panitan Lukkunaprasit)
  2. Issues in developing Thailand hazard maps (Mark Petersen, USGS) Wall Map
  3. Source Models
  4. Ground Motion
  5. Products (Mark Petersen, USGS)
  6. Wrap up

January 19, Friday Afternoon, 1:30 PM

    Closed session - Round Table Discussion