Historic Earthquakes

Mendoza, Argentina
1985 January 26 03:06:57.8 UTC
Magnitude 6.0

Argentina was hit by a destructive earthquake on January 26 at 7 minutes after midnight local time. Six people were killed when a 90-year-old adobe hospital and several homes in the Mendoza area were destroyed. At least 238 people were injured and about 12,500 homes were destroyed or damaged. The quake was felt strongly in much of central Argentina. It was also felt in the Santiago, Chile area. Maximum intensity in the Mendoza area was MM VII. Felt (V) at La Ligua, (IV) at Curavil and (II) at Santiago, Coquimbo and Vina del Mar, Chile. A number of aftershocks followed but no additional damage was reported.

Abridged from Earthquake Information Bulletin, July-August 1985, Volume 17, Number 4.