Historic Earthquakes

1954 April 30 13:02 UTC
Magnitude 7.1

Greece had scarcely begun to rebuild the ruins left by the earthquake on the Ionian Islands when Thessaly suffered a new catastrophe on 30 April 1954; Sofiades, Farsala and 32 other villages on the plain of Thessaly were destroyed; considerable damage was done at Trikkala, Kardhitsa, Almiros, Volos and Domoko; the shock caused 31 deaths, injured 717, damaged or destroyed 13,356 houses, and did damage costing 140 million francs. Most of the places affected lie at the foot of the mountains on the edge of the Trikkala basin (press reports); macroseismic area: 260,000 square kilometres. The main aftershocks (magnitude exceeding 5.5) occurred 5 days (3 times), 10 days (twice), 26 days, 37 days and 100 days after the main shock.

From Rothe, J.P., 1969, The seismicity of the earth, 1953-1965: Paris, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 336 p.