Historic Earthquakes

Banda Sea, Indonesia
1938 February 01 19:04 UTC
Magnitude 8.5

Banda Sea, Indonesia

 300 km (185 miles) WNW of Dobo, Aru Islands, Indonesia
 325 km (200 miles) N of Saumlaki, Tanimbar Islands, Indonesia
 825 km (510 miles) N of Darwin, Australia
 2760 km (1710 miles) E of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia

The shock was felt on the Banda and Kai islands. At Tual glassware was broken, a pendulum clock stopped. On Banda Island and also on Kai Island great damage was caused by tsunamis. Intensity VII.

From Southeast Asia Association of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Series on Seismology, Volume V - Indonesia, June 1985.

Destructive in the Kai Islands, particularly at Tocal. Felt in the Moluccas, New Guinea near Merauke, and Australia near Port Darwin.

From the 1938 International Seismological Summary.