Historic Earthquakes

near Valparaíso, Chile
1730 July 08 08:45 UTC
Magnitude 8.7
Location: -33.05, -71.63 (no depth given)

This earthquake caused severe damage at Coquimbo, Illapel, La Serena, Petorca, Santiago and Valparaíso and some damage occurred at Chillan. The quake was felt from Iquique to Osorno. It was also felt at Cordoba, Mendoza and San Juan, Argentina. A tsunami was generated which damaged about 2/3 of Concepcion and caused some damage at Valparaíso. The tsunami was observed from Callao, Peru to Valdivia, Chile and also flooded some houses and fields in northeastern Honshu, Japan. Despite the severity of this earthquake and tsunami, there were very few casualties (perhaps as few as 5), primarily because an earthquake at approximately 05:00 UTC along with some other intervening tremors had alerted the residents and caused them to leave their homes. In addition, the residents fled to high ground as soon as they saw the water receding from the beach.

Hypocenter and magnitude from Departamento de Geofisica, Universidad de Chile.
Effects from NOAA STRUTS database and other on-line sources.