Due to a lapse in Federal funding, the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program has suspended most of its operations. While the USGS will continue to monitor and report on earthquake activity, the accuracy or timeliness of some earthquake information products, as well as the availability or functionality of some web pages, could be affected by our reduced level of operation.

Shakemap sc11375690

Instrumental Intensity

Station (CI.ISA) PGA: nan PGV: nan N35.66 W118.47Station (CI.JRC2) PGA: nan PGV: nan N35.98 W117.81Station (CI.EDW2) PGA: 0.01 PGV: 0.00 N34.88 W117.99Station (CI.THC) PGA: nan PGV: nan N34.91 W118.66Station (CI.TM3) PGA: nan PGV: nan N35.09 W119.54Station (CI.MAG) PGA: nan PGV: nan N35.36 W118.92Station (CI.SPG2) PGA: 0.05 PGV: 0.01 N36.20 W118.77Station (CI.CCC) PGA: 0.01 PGV: 0.01 N35.52 W117.36Station (CI.VES) PGA: 0.08 PGV: 0.03 N35.84 W119.08Station (CI.TFT) PGA: 0.01 PGV: 0.00 N35.15 W119.42Station (CI.BCW) PGA: 0.00 PGV: 0.00 N34.94 W119.41Station (CI.LDR) PGA: 0.01 PGV: 0.00 N34.99 W118.34Station (CI.TEH) PGA: 0.09 PGV: 0.01 N35.29 W118.42Station (CI.CLC) PGA: 0.01 PGV: 0.00 N35.82 W117.60Station (CI.VOG) PGA: nan PGV: nan N36.32 W119.38Station (CI.SLA) PGA: 0.01 PGV: 0.00 N35.89 W117.28Station (CI.CVW) PGA: nan PGV: nan N34.92 W118.94Station (CI.CWC) PGA: nan PGV: nan N36.44 W118.08Station (CI.LRL) PGA: nan PGV: nan N35.48 W117.68Station (CI.RCT) PGA: nan PGV: nan N36.31 W119.24Station (CI.LMR2) PGA: 0.00 PGV: 0.00 N34.93 W117.70Station (CI.ARV) PGA: 0.01 PGV: 0.00 N35.13 W118.83Station (CI.WBS) PGA: 0.20 PGV: 0.05 N35.54 W118.14Station (CI.TJR) PGA: nan PGV: nan N35.03 W118.74Station (CI.BAK) PGA: 0.05 PGV: 0.02 N35.34 W119.10Station (CI.MPM) PGA: 0.00 PGV: 0.00 N36.06 W117.49Station Epicenter: N35.66 W118.47 M=3.5Station About IntensitiesAvailable Formats: JPG (146 kB) || PS (203 kB)Instrumental Intensity Image

Peak Ground Acceleration

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Peak Ground Velocity

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Available Formats: JPG (93 kB)Uncertainty Image


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Available Formats: JPG (180 kB) || PS (426 kB) || TXT - Info Sheet (8 kB)Bare Image
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