Probable Mining Event in West Virginia

2010 March 27 11:37 UTC

The USGS seismic networks picked up an event at 11:37 UTC on March 27th (7:37 am local time near the event) in West Virginia. Because of the small size of the event, it was recorded by only a few nearby seismographs, and its epicenter cannot be precisely located. The preliminary USGS location of the event placed the epicenter near Logan. The USGS originally published the event as an earthquake but upon further analysis of the seismic waves determined that the event was more likely mining related. The USGS cannot distinguish if the event was from a planned explosion, a planned mining-associated collapse in an active mine, or an unplanned mining associated event. However, the seismic waveforms were significantly different than those of earthquakes in the region. Following USGS policy, the mining related event has been removed from our earthquake website. There are typically one or two mining related events of this magnitude per day in the Virginia, West Virginia, and northeastern Kentucky region.