Historic Earthquakes

2003 May 21 18:44:19 UTC

World Location
Regional Location

At least 2,266 people killed, 10,261 injured, 150,000 homeless, more than 1,243 buildings damaged or destroyed (X) and the infrastructure was damaged in the Algiers-Boumerdes-Reghia- Thenia area. Underwater telecommunication cables were damaged. Damage estimated at 100 million U.S. dollars. A tsunami generated with an estimated wave height of 2 m caused damage to boats off the coast of the Balearic Islands and was also recorded on the coast of Alicante, Castellon and Murcia, Spain. Felt (III) at Palma de Mallorca and Soller, Mallorca and (II) at Calvia and Mahon, Mallorca and Ibiza, Ibiza. Also felt (II) at Albacete, Alcantarilla, Alicante, Barcelona, Cartagena, Castellon, Elda, Molina de Segura, Murcia, Sagunto and Villafranca del Panades, Spain. Felt in Monaco.