Historic Earthquakes: Energy and Broadband Solution

Magnitude 7.6 COLIMA, MEXICO
2003 January 22 02:06:34 UTC

 Energy Magnitude:
  Me                         7.2
 Radiated Energy:
  Es               1.3*10**15 Nm
  No. of sta:  7  Focal mech.  F
 Broadband Depth:        24.0 km
 Broadband Fault Plane Solution:
 NP1:Strike=120 Dip=75 Slip=  90
 NP2:       300     15        90
 Principal Axes:
  T              Plg=60  Azm= 30
  P                  30      210
 COMMENT:  Complex earthquake observed on broadband
  displacement seismograms. A small onset is followed 
  by a large event about 6 seconds later. Depth from 
  synthetics of broadband displacement seismograms 
  based on large event.