Historic Earthquakes

Magnitude 7.9 CENTRAL ALASKA
2002 November 03 22:12:41 UTC

World Location
Regional Location

One person injured and extensive damage to roads and bridges. Structural damage occurred in the villages of Slana and Mentasta Lake, minor structural damage occurred at Fairbanks and items were knocked from shelves at Cantwell, Denali National Park, Glenallen, Paxson and Tok. Damage estimated at 20 million U.S. dollars. Some supports on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline were damaged and operation was suspended temporarily. Maximum intensity IX was assigned to areas where surface rupture occurred. Felt (VIII) at Gakona and (VII) at Cantwell, Denali National Park and Tok. Felt in much of Alaska. Felt (V) in many parts of Yukon Territory and (IV) in parts of northern British Columbia, western Alberta and Northwest Territories. Also felt by people in high-rise buildings in Seattle, Washington. Surface rupture on the Denali fault and Totschunda fault began about 25 kilometers east of the magnitude 6.7 Oct. 23 foreshock and extended east and southeast for about 300 kilometers to an area east of Nabesna, and had a maximum offset of 8.8 meters near the Tok Cutoff Highway. Landslides, rockslides, ground cracks and snow avalanches were observed in the area of the fault rupture. Liquefaction was observed in the Northway area. Seiches and muddied water wells were observed in a large number of states, including Washington, Idaho, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.