Historic Earthquakes

Magnitude 7.1 TAIWAN REGION
2002 March 31 06:52:50 UTC

World Location
Regional Location

At least 5 people killed, 200 injured, 3 buildings collapsed and 100 houses destroyed in the T'ai-pei area. Water and gas lines were broken and some bridges were damaged. Landslides blocked highways in eastern Taiwan. Felt throughout Taiwan. A tsunami of 20 cm (peak-to-trough) occurred on Yonaguni-jima, Ryukyu Islands. Recorded (6 TAP) in I- lan; (5 TAP) in Hua-lien and Miao-li; (4 TAP) in Hsin-chu, Nan- t'ou, T'ai-chung, T'ai-pei, T'ao-yuan and Yun-lin; (3 TAP) in Chia-i and T'ai-tung; (2 TAP) in T'ai-nan Counties. Also recorded (5 TAP) at T'ai-pei and I-lan. Recorded (3 JMA) on Yonaguni-jima; (2 JMA) on Iriomote-jima and Ishigaki-jima; (1 JMA) on Miyako-jima, Ryukyu Islands.