Historic Earthquakes

Near East Coast of Kamchatka
1997 December 05 11:25:54 UTC
Magnitude 7.8

World Location
Regional Location

Felt (VII) in the epicentral area and (V) at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and Ust-Kamchatsk. Felt (II) at Severo-Kurilsk, Paramushir. Also felt aboard the cargo ship Stepan Krasheninnikov in the epicentral area. Tsunami generated with recorded wave heights (peak-to-trough) at the following selected tide stations: 15 cm on Adak and Unalaska, Alaska; 60 cm at Kahului, 52 cm at Haleiwa, 47 cm at Hilo, 30 cm at Hanalei, 12 cm on Midway, 10 cm at Snug Harbor and 5 cm at Honolulu, Hawaii. Complex earthquake with at least one event occurring about 14 seconds after the onset.