Significant Earthquakes of the World

1986 - June, 1989


Earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 or greater or ones that caused fatalities, injuries or substantial damage.

            UTC         COORDINATES               GS            STA
         HR MN SEC     LAT       LONG            MB  Msz       USED


JAN 31   16 46 43.3& 41.650 N   81.162 W   10    5.0            124  OHIO. (SPEC). Seventeen people treated for minor              
                                                                     injuries and some damage (VI) sustained in the         
         Painesville-Mentor area. Minor damage also occurred at Bainbridge, Bowling Green, Chardon, Geneva, Huntsburg, 
         Kirtland, Leroy, Madison, Metals Park, Middlefield, Perry, Perry Nuclear Plant, Thompson, Warren and Willoughby. 
         Minor damage in Pennsylvania at Albion and Linesville. Felt throughout most of Ohio and parts of Illinois, Indiana, 
         Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ontario, Canada. Some additional states with only a 
         few felt reports included Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. 

MAR 12   16 32 56.0& 47.470 N  115.800 W    1                     1  MONTANA. (SPEC). ML 2.0 (NEIS). Rockburst in the Lucky    
                                                                     Friday mine near Mullan, Idaho. One person killed and  
                                                                     two injured.                                           

MAR 31   11 55 40.0& 37.483 N  121.690 W    8    5.5 5.5        196  CENTRAL CALIFORNIA. (BRK). ML 5.7 (BRK). Mo=2.6*10**24     
                                                                     (BRK). Six people were treated for minor injuries.     
         Slight damage (VI) in the Fremont area and power outages in parts of Fremont and San Jose. Felt (V) at many cities 
         in the southern San Francisco Bay area including Alameda, Cupertino, Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, 
         Pleasanton, Redwood City, San Jose, San Leandro, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Union City. Felt throughout much of 
         central California from Santa Rosa to San Luis Obispo and east to Yosemite National Park. 

MAY 07   22 47 10.8  51.520 N  174.776 W   33 N  6.4 7.7   1.1  513  ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS. Ms 7.9 (BRK), 7.8             
                                                                     (PAS). Multiple event. Damage (VI) on Adak and Atka.   
         Tsunami generated with observed wave heights 91 to 122 cm at Kapaa, Kauai and 61 to 91 cm at Hanalei, Kauai and 
         along the coast of Washington. Maximum recorded wave heights at selected tide stations were as follows: 175 cm at 
         Adak, 25 cm at Unalaska and 10 cm at Sand Point, Alaska; 55 cm at Hilo, 36 cm at Kahului and 27 cm at Honolulu, 
         Hawaii; 45 cm at Coquimbo and 15 cm at Valparaiso, Chile; 46 cm at Kushiro, Hokkaido; 24 cm at Chichi-shima, Bonin 
         Islands; 40 cm at Port Lyttleton, New Zealand; 12 cm at Crescent City, California; 10 cm at Wake Island and 5 cm at 
         Apia, Samoa. Negative tsunami reports were received from Bering Island, USSR; San Francisco, California and Ponape, 
         Caroline Islands.

MAY 17   16 20 22.2  52.327 N  174.504 W   26 G  5.8 6.6   1.0  210  ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS. Ms 6.5 (BRK), 6.5             
                                                                     (PAS). Slight damage (VI) on Atka. Felt strongly on    
                                                                     Adak. Depth from broadband displacement seismograms.   

JUL 08   09 20 44.5& 34.000 N  116.610 W   12    5.8 6.0        300  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (PAS-P). ML 6.0 (PAS). At least 29    
                                                                     people injured and some damage in the Palm             
         Springs-Morongo Valley area. Landslides occurred in the area. The most serious damage (VII) occured at the Devers 
         substation of Southern California Edison Company. Also some residences in the Whitewater Canyon area were badly 
         damaged. Preliminary estimate of damage approximately 4.5 million dollars. Damage (VI) at Angelus Oaks, Desert Hot 
         Springs, North Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Palm Springs and Yucca Valley. Felt throughout much of southern 
         California. Also felt at Las Vegas, Nevada, Lake Havasu City, Arizona and in northern Baja California, Mexico. 
         Depth 8.5 km. from broadband displacement seismograms.                    

JUL 13   13 47 08.2& 32.970 N  117.870 W   10    5.6 5.8        268  CALIFORNIA-MEXICO BORDER REGION. (PAS-P). ML 5.3 (PAS).    
                                                                     Twenty nine people injured, one critically and at least
                                                                     50 buildings damaged in the Newport Beach-San Diego    
                                                                     area. Preliminary estimate of damage 720 thousand      
                                                                     dollars. Also some damage reported in the Tijuana area,
                                                                     Mexico. A small landslide occurred near Lakeside in    
                                                                     eastern San Diego County. Felt throughout the coastal  
                                                                     area of southern California, from Santa Barbara to San 
                                                                     Diego, east to Palm Springs and as far as Yuma,        

JUL 21   14 42 26.6& 37.537 N  118.447 W    9    6.0 6.2        311  CALIFORNIA-NEVADA BORDER REGION. (BRK). ML 6.5 (BRK),      
                                                                     6.0 (PAS). Mo=3.5*10**24 (BRK). About 20 mobile homes  
         were damaged and a number of others shaken off their foundations in the Chalfant Valley, California. Several
         buildings were damaged (VI) at Bishop, California. Landslides occurred in the area. Fault rupture, maximum of 5 cm. 
         of right-lateral slip, occurred along faults in the Volcanic Tableland west of Chalfant Valley and the White 
         Mountains fault zone. The earthquake was felt throughout a large area of California and Nevada from San Francisco 
         to Reno and south to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Felt in high-rise buildings as far away as Salt Lake City, Utah. 
         Depth 8.9 km. from broadband displacement seismograms.                              


JAN 05   12 11 55.7  52.448 N  169.381 W   33 N  6.1 6.7   1.1  361  FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS. Ms 6.5 (BRK), 6.3 (PAS).       
                                                                     Complex rupture. Felt (V) at Unalaska and (III) at     
                                                                     False Pass. Also felt strongly at Nikolski.            

FEB 27   08 31 54.4  53.470 N  167.291 W   10 G  6.2 6.7   1.1  428  FOX ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISLANDS. Ms 6.8 (BRK), 6.4 (PAS)
								     Minor damage at Dutch Harbor and Unalaska.  Felt (V) at
                                                                     Akutan, (III) at Cold Bay and False Pass and (II) at   
MAY 06   04 06 14.1  51.272 N  179.898 W   20 G  6.3 6.4   1.0  477  ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS. ML 6.1 (PMR), Ms 6.5          
                                                                     (BRK), 6.2 (PAS). Felt (V) on Adak. Depth from         
                                                                     broadband displacement seismograms.                    

JUN 10   23 48 54.8& 38.713 N   87.954 W   10    4.9 4.4        173  SOUTHERN INDIANA. (SLM-P). mbLg 5.1 (SLM), Ms 4.6             
                                                                     (BRK). One person injured and minor damage (VI) at     
                                                                     Lawrenceville, Illinois. Minor damage also reported at 
                                                                     Bridgeport, Mt. Carmel and Olney, Illinois; Bloomfield 
                                                                     and New Albany, Indiana; and Louisville, Kentucky. Felt
                                                                     in parts of 21 states from Kansas to Pennsylvania and  
                                                                     from South Carolina to Minnesota. Also felt in southern
                                                                     Ontario, Canada.                                       

OCT 01   14 42 20.0& 34.060 N  118.080 W   10    5.8 5.7        292  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (PAS-P). ML 5.9 (PAS), 6.1 (BRK).        
                                                                     Eight people killed, many injured, about 2,200 homeless
                                                                     and more than 10,400 buildings damaged in the Los      
                                                                     Angeles-Whittier-Pasadena area. The earthquake caused  
                                                                     358 million dollars in property damage. Maximum        
                                                                     intensity (VIII) at Whittier. Felt strongly in much of 
                                                                     southern California. Felt as far away as Las Vegas,    

OCT 04   10 59 38.1& 34.070 N  118.100 W    8    5.2 4.8        151  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (PAS-P). ML 5.3 (PAS), 5.6 (BRK).        
                                                                     One person died from a heart attack. Some injured and  
                                                                     additional damage in the Pasadena-Alhambra-Whittier    
                                                                     area. Felt from Ventura County to San Diego to Palm    

NOV 17   08 46 53.3& 58.586 N  143.270 W   10 G  6.6 6.9        581  GULF OF ALASKA. (AGS-P). ML 7.0 (PMR). Ms 7.0 (BRK),          
                                                                     6.8 (PAS). Complex event. Felt (V) at Anchorage,       
                                                                     Haines, Seward, Trapper Creek, Valdez and Yakutat. Felt
                                                                     (IV) throughout much of southern Alaska from Juneau to 
                                                                     Anchorage. Also felt (IV) at Whitehorse, Yukon         
                                                                     Territory. Felt at Kodiak, Alaska and Carcross and     
                                                                     Haines Junction, Yukon Territory. Ten cm. tsunami      
                                                                     recorded at Yakutat.                                   

NOV 24   01 54 14.5& 33.083 N  115.775 W    5    5.7 6.2        237  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (PAS-P). ML 5.8 (PAS), 6.5 (BRK).        
                                                                     Two people killed in an earthquake-related automobile  
                                                                     accident about 80 km. east of Mexicali, Mexico. Slight 
                                                                     damage (VI) at Calipatria, El Centro, Heber and        
                                                                     Westmorland. Felt throughout much of southern          
                                                                     California from San Diego and Los Angeles to Las Vegas,
                                                                     Nevada and Yuma, Arizona. Also felt at Mexicali,       
                                                                     Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico.                          

NOV 24   13 15 56.4& 33.010 N  115.840 W    2    6.0 6.6        327  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (PAS-P). ML 6.1 (PAS), 6.7 (BRK).        
                                                                     Multiple event. At least 94 people injured and an      
         estimated 4 million dollars damage in Imperial County.  Additional injuries and damage occurred in the Mexicali
	 area, Mexico, with an estimated 3,000 people temporarily homeless.  Maximum intensities (VI-VII) at El Centro and
	 Westmorland, (VI) at Brawley, Calexico, Calipatria, Heber, Holtville, Imperial and Seeley.  Felt throughout much
	 of southern California from San Diego and Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada and Tempe, Arizona.  Also felt at
	 Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico.  Surface fault rupture and afterslip were mapped by California Division of Mines
	 and Geology along a 23 kilometer segment of the Superstition Hills fault.  A maximum of 65 centimeters of right-
	 lateral displacement with a few centimeters of vertical displacement was measured.  Strong-motion records indicate
	 peak accelerations of 0.21g at Westmorland and 0.36g at El Centro.                                                

NOV 30   19 23 19.5& 58.679 N  142.786 W   10 G  6.7 7.6        584  GULF OF ALASKA. (SPEC). Ms 7.7 (BRK), 7.4 (PAS). ML 7.1       
                                                                     (PMR). Mo=1.2*10**20 Nm (BRK). Held to foreshock       
	 location.  Damage (VI) at Yakutat from earthquake and tsunami.  Felt (V) at Anchorage, Copper Center, Gakona, 
	 Haines, Homer, Juneau, Levelock, Petersburg, Seward and Skwentna.  Also felt (V) in sections of Whitehorse, Yukon
	 Territory, Canada.  Felt (IV) throughout southern Alaska from the Ketchikan area to Glennallen and Kodiak Island 
	 and (III) as far away as Bethel and Fairbanks.  Also felt at Sand Point and (II) at Anaktuvuk Pass. Some damage 
	 caused to 2 ships at sea in the epicentral area; felt strongly on 3 other ships in the area. Tsunami generated
	 with wave heights (peak to trough) 85 cm. at Yakutat and 25 cm. at Sitka, Alaska; 15 cm. at Hilo, 12 cm. at 
	 Nawiliwili and 5 cm. at Honolulu, Hawaii; and 5 cm. at Presidio, California.  Complex event, with major subevent
	 occurring about 15 seconds after onset of the foreshock, observed on broadband displacement seismograms.  


FEB 11   15 25 55.6& 34.080 N  118.050 W   12    4.8             54  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (PAS-P). ML 4.7 (PAS), 4.8 (BRK).        
                                                                     One person died from a heart attack. Some minor        
                                                                     injuries and damage (VI) in the Whittier area. Felt (V)
                                                                     at Alhambra, Arcadia, Azusa, Baldwin Park, Bell        
                                                                     Gardens, Commerce, Downey, Fullerton, Glendale,        
                                                                     Inglewood, La Mirada, La Puente, Los Angeles, Maywood, 
                                                                     Montebello, Norwalk, Pasadena, San Gabriel and Vernon. 
                                                                     Felt strongly in much of southern California.          

MAR 06   22 35 38.1& 56.953 N  143.032 W   10 G  6.8 7.6        759  GULF OF ALASKA. (AGS-P). ML 7.4 (PMR), Ms 7.5 (BRK).          
                                                                     Felt (V) at Anchorage, Cordova, Glennallen, Gustavus,  
	Homer, Juneau, Metlakatla, Pelican, Port Graham, Sitka and Valdez. Also felt (V) in some sections of Whitehorse, 
	Yukon Territory, Canada. Felt (IV) at Kodiak, (III) at Craig and Ketchikan and (II) at King Salmon. Estimated 
	5,000 dollars damage caused to the ships "Exxon North Slope," "Exxon Boston" and "Exxon New Orleans" located at 
	57` 38' North, 142` 45' West.  Tsunami generated with wave heights (peak to trough) 38 cm. at Yakutat, 12 cm. at 
	Sitka and 8 cm. at Kodiak.   

JUN 18   22 49 42.3  26.856 N  110.996 W   10 G  5.9 7.0   1.2  290  GULF OF CALIFORNIA. Felt at Caborca, Ciudad Obregon,          
                                                                     Guaymas and Navojoa, Mexico.                           

DEC 03   11 38 26.4& 34.150 N  118.130 W   13 G  4.4 4.2         61  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (PAS-P). ML 4.9 (PAS), 5.0 (BRK).        
                                                                     Some minor injuries and slight damage reported in the  
	Pasadena area. Also slight damage (VI) at Bell Gardens, Los Angeles, Los Nietos, Norwalk and Pico Rivera.  Felt (V) 
	at Arcadia, Artesia, Azusa, Bell, Bellflower, Burbank, Cedarpines Park, Chatsworth, Dana Point, Downey, Glendale, 
	Hawthorne, Huntington Beach, Hawaiian Gardens, Inglewood, La Canada, La Habra, Lynwood, Maywood, Montebello, Mount 
	Wilson, Ontario, Palmdale, San Dimas, San Gabriel, Sierra Madre, South El Monte, Sun Valley, Torrance, Tujunga, 
	Walnut and Whittier.  Felt throughout much of southern California.                           


JAN 19   06 53 27.5  33.912 N  118.705 W   10 G  5.2 4.8   0.9  121  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. ML 5.0 (PAS), 5.2 (BRK). Several         
                                                                     people injured, some broken windows and many items     
                                                                     knocked from store shelves in the Malibu-Santa         
                                                                     Monica-Redondo Beach area. Slight damage (VI) at       
                                                                     Hollywood, Lancaster, Los Angeles, Malibu and Monterey 
                                                                     Park. Felt from northern San Diego County to Santa     
                                                                     Barbara and as far east as San Bernardino.