Poster of the Southeastern Arizona Earthquake of 29 June 2014 - Magnitude 5.2

Tectonic Summary

The June 29, 2014 M5.2 earthquake near Duncan, Arizona occurred in a region of southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico characterized by low extensional strain rates and infrequent large earthquakes. The depth and mechanism of the earthquake are consistent with shallow normal faulting along a NE-striking, steeply-dipping fault plane. The M5.2 earthquake was followed by several aftershocks, one of at least M 3.6, that define a 6+ km, NW-SE band of seismicity conjugate to the mainshock fault plane. Seismicity in this area may mark a transition between Basin and Range extension and the more tectonically stable Colorado Plateau. Earthquakes in the magnitude 5 range can happen in most regions of the U.S. but are rare in this area. In the 40 years prior to this earthquake, the USGS recorded 11 earthquakes larger than magnitude 3.0 within 150 km of this earthquake, the largest of which was a magnitude 3.9 about 50 km to the northeast.

Earthquake Report


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