Poster of the Coastal Peru Earthquake of 25 September 2013 - Magnitude 7.0

Tectonic Summary

The Peru earthquake of September 25, 2013, occurred as thrust-faulting on or near the thrust-interface at the boundary between the South America plate and the subducting Nazca plate. The Nazca plate subducts beneath the South America plate at the Peru-Chile trench offshore of western South America, and the thrust interface between the two plates dips east-northeast beneath the South American continent. At the latitude of the earthquake, the Nazca plate moves to the east-northeast with respect to the South America plate with a velocity of about 70 mm/y. The boundary-region between the Nazca and South American plates experiences a large number of earthquakes. The region within 250 km of the epicenter of the earthquake of September 25 had experienced seventeen previous earthquakes of magnitude 6 and larger since 1973. The largest of these, the magnitude 8.4 earthquake of June 23, 2001, occurred along the plate boundary to the south. It killed at least 74 people and destroyed over 17,000 homes. The magnitude 7.7 earthquake of November 12, 1996, killed at least 14 people and left 12,000 homeless. It occurred along the plate boundary to the north of the September 25 epicenter.

Earthquake Report


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