Poster of the Taiwan Earthquake of 02 June 2013 - Magnitude 6.2

Tectonic Summary

The June 2, 2013 M 6.2 earthquake southeast of Buli, Taiwan, occurred as the result of thrust or reverse faulting within the crust of central Taiwan. The island of Taiwan sits at the complex plate boundary between the Philippine and Eurasia tectonic plates. At the latitude of the June 2 earthquake, the Philippine and Eurasia plates are converging at a rate of approximately 78 mm/yr. The June 2 earthquake is associated with this broad-scale convergence, reflecting faulting beneath the thickened Central Mountain Range. The June 2, 2013 earthquake is located just 10 km to the east of the September 1999 M 7.7 Chi-Chi earthquake, the largest inland earthquake in Taiwan in the 20th century, and an event which caused major damage and approximately 2,400 fatalities. Prior to the 1999 earthquake, much of the seismicity in Taiwan had been concentrated along the east coast of the island; since, however, the Chi-Chi earthquake and its aftershock sequence have delineated a series of faulting structures through the center of the island that mark the western boundary of the thickened and uplifted Central Mountain Range. The June 2 earthquake, like the Chi-Chi event before it, is likely associated with faulting in this western boundary region. The depth and faulting mechanism of the June 2, 2013 earthquake imply either slip on a thrust fault striking approximately north-south and dipping shallowly to the east (consistent with interpretations of the 1999 Chi-Chi mainshock), or on a more steeply west-dipping, reverse-faulting structure (consistent with interpretations of some aftershocks of the Chi-Chi event).

Earthquake Report


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