Poster of the Canyondam Earthquake of 24 May 2013 - Magnitude 5.7

Tectonic Summary

The May 24, 2013 Mw5.7 Canyondam earthquake occurred due to right lateral motion 9.7 km below the surface near the SE corner of Lake Almanor, CA. The earthquake ruptured updip on a fault striking 292 degrees, dipping roughly 70 degrees to the East; the Skinner Flats and East Shore faults are both suspect as the likely source of the quake. Both faults are part of a transitional zone between the Mohawk Valley and Hat Creek fault zones, and lie within the western branch of the Northern Walker Lane. Located between the Sierra Nevada and Basin and Range, the Walker Lane is a broad shear zone between two tectonic provinces, which accommodates approximately 20% of the motion between the Pacific and North American plates. Regionally, the earthquake occurred approximately 275 km east of the Mendocino Triple Junction, which controls the southern extent of subduction-related volcanism in the Cascade Range, and the northern extents of transform motion along the Pacific and North American plate boundary and extension within the Basin and Range Province. Previous earthquakes in the area are the Lassen Peak swarms of 1936, 1945-47 (Mw5.0), and 1950 (Mw5.5), and the Oroville earthquake of 1975 (Mw5.7).

Earthquake Report


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