Poster of the South Island, New Zealand Earthquake of 13 June 2011 - Magnitude 6.0

Tectonic Summary

The June 13, 2011 South Island, New Zealand earthquake is a continuing part of the earthquake sequence that initiated with the magnitude 7.0 September 3, 2010 Darfield, New Zealand earthquake. The June 13, magnitude 6.0 earthquake is a dominantly strike-slip faulting earthquake that is at the eastern end of the inferred rupture of the 21 February 2011 magnitude 6.1 earthquake. Both this magnitude 6.0 event and the previous magnitude 6.1 event have an inferred fault plane striking approximately east-northeast. The entire earthquake sequence is broadly associated with regional plate boundary deformation as the Pacific and Australia plates interact in the central South Island, New Zealand.

This latest earthquake, similar to the February 21 earthquake, is close to the main population centers of Christchurch, New Zealand. This region has suffered substantial casualties and damage to buildings, infrastructure, and lifelines from a series of events starting with the February 21 earthquake. Additionally, the earthquakes close to Christchurch caused substantial liquefaction in residential areas. The June 13 earthquake was preceded by a nearby magnitude 5.2 foreshock, about 1 hour and 20 minutes earlier. There is no specific surface fault that has been observed for the post-September 3 earthquakes near Christchurch, or directly linking them to the observed September surface fault rupture. There have however been a substantial number of aftershocks forming a continuous swath extending from the September 3 events to the June 13 earthquake.

Earthquake Report


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