Poster of the Near East Coast of Honshu. Japan Earthquake of 31 October 2003 - Magnitude 7.0

Tectonic Summary

The preliminary location and focal-mechanism of this earthquake imply that it occurred as the result of thrust-faulting on the plate interface between the overriding Okhotsk plate (between the Pacific Ocean and the Eurasian landmass) and the subducting Pacific plate. The Pacific plate is moving west-northwest at a rate of about 83 mm per year relative to the Okhotsk plate. In addition to experiencing great thrust earthquakes that originate on the interface between the plates, western Honshu experiences great earthquakes that originate from the interior of subducted Pacific plate. Extremely deadly and destructive earthquakes have struck this part of Honshu in the past 400 years; in the past century, the earth quakes of 1925, 1964, 1978, and 1995 are notable for causing costly property damages.


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