USGS/SLU Regional Moment Solution

12/10/30 22:02:46.00

Epicenter:  61.496 -150.723
MW 4.4

Depth  66         No. of sta: 75
Moment Tensor;   Scale 10**15 Nm
  Mrr=-4.19       Mtt=-0.03
  Mpp= 4.22       Mrt= 1.81
  Mrp= 2.85       Mtp=-0.49
 Principal axes:
  T  Val=  5.10  Plg=17  Azm=271
  N        0.59      17        6
  P       -5.69      65      139

Best Double Couple:Mo=5.4*10**15
 NP1:Strike=336 Dip=32 Slip=-124
 NP2:       195     64       -71

Moment Tensor Solution
The figure above shows a visual representation of the style of faulting (focal mechanism) derived from the estimated moment tensor. Shaded areas show quadrants of the focal sphere in which the P-wave first-motions are away from the source, and unshaded areas show quadrants in which the P-wave first-motions are toward the source. The dots represent the axis of maximum compressional strain (in black, called the "P-axis") and the axis of maximum extensional strain (in white, called the "T-axis") resulting from the earthquake.

Moment Tensor Solution