USGS Energy and Broadband Solution

12/09/30 16:31:35 UTC
Epicenter: 1.92N 76.36W

 Energy Magnitude         Me 6.8                                       
Broadband Source Parameters:
 BROADBAND DEPTH:       170.0 km
 NP1:Strike=230 Dip=30 Slip=-105
 NP2:        67     61       -82
 Principal Axes:
  T              Plg=16  Azm=151
  P                  73      358
 RADIATED ENERGY:                                                     
  No. of sta: 19  Focal mech.  F                                      
  Energy       3.7+0.8*10**14 Nm                                      
 COMMENT:  Complex earthquake   
  observed on broadband         
  displacement seismograms,     
  with at least 2 large         
  subevents occurring about     
  4 and 8 seconds after         
  the onset. Depth from         
  synthetics of broadband       
  displacement seismograms      
  based on first event.         
  Apparent Stress      0.31 MPa.

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