M7.3 – Offshore El Salvador

Monday, August 27, 2012 at 04:37:20 UTC
Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 22:37:20 Local
Globe at 10 -90. Click to view event page.

12.28°N 88.53°W
Depth: 20km

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City map City: San Salvador Intensity: II Responses: 17 City: Usulután Intensity: V Responses: 3 City: Santa Ana Intensity: I Responses: 1 City: Tegucigalpa Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Mejicanos Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Managua Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Ciudad Sandino Intensity: I Responses: 1 City: Apopa Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Jucuarán Intensity: I Responses: 1 City: Santo Tomás Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: La Unión Intensity: I Responses: 1 City: Nueva San Salvador Intensity: II Responses: 4 City: Antiguo Cuscatlán Intensity: II Responses: 6 Geocoded Map Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 040 147 10000) Intensity: I Responses: 1 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 056 133 10000) Intensity: I Responses: 1 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 026 151 10000) Intensity: II Responses: 17 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 047 155 10000) Intensity: II Responses: 1 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 025 151 10000) Intensity: II Responses: 8 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 057 134 10000) Intensity: II Responses: 1 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 036 147 10000) Intensity: I Responses: 1 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(16P 034 147 10000) Intensity: II Responses: 2
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Summary of Responses by Zip
StateZIP NameZIP CodeMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
CALa Jolla9203725373032.85°N117.25°W
CASan Diego92101312371632.72°N117.17°W
CASan Diego9210323371732.75°N117.17°W
CASan Diego9210827371732.77°N117.14°W
CASan Diego9210933372532.79°N117.23°W
CASan Diego9211144372132.81°N117.17°W
CASan Diego9211734372432.82°N117.20°W
CASan Diego9211933371032.81°N117.03°W
CASan Diego9212023371232.79°N117.07°W
CASan Diego9212425371632.82°N117.09°W
CASan Diego9212733373033.02°N117.12°W
CASan Diego9212925372732.97°N117.13°W
CASan Diego9213123371932.92°N117.07°W
CASan Diego9215437369332.57°N117.00°W
CASan Ysidro9217324369632.55°N117.05°W
CAPalm Desert9221123371233.76°N116.33°W
CACathedral City9223423372633.82°N116.47°W
CAEl Centro9224337359232.77°N115.60°W
CALa Quinta92253325370133.65°N116.28°W
CAPalm Desert92260310371333.69°N116.40°W
CAPalm Springs9226433372733.74°N116.54°W
CASan Jacinto92583215376133.79°N116.92°W
CAAliso Viejo9265635381233.57°N117.73°W
Summary of Responses by City
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
El SalvadorLa LibertadAntiguo Cuscatlán2617413.68°N89.23°W
El SalvadorLa LibertadNueva San Salvador2417613.68°N89.29°W
El SalvadorLa UniónLa Unión1114013.34°N87.85°W
El SalvadorSan SalvadorApopa2118313.80°N89.18°W
El SalvadorSan SalvadorMejicanos2117713.73°N89.20°W
El SalvadorSan SalvadorSan Salvador21717313.69°N89.19°W
El SalvadorSan SalvadorSanto Tomás2116613.65°N89.14°W
El SalvadorSanta AnaSanta Ana1122014.00°N89.54°W
El SalvadorUsulutánJucuarán1111313.25°N88.25°W
El SalvadorUsulutánUsulután5311913.34°N88.44°W
HondurasDistrito CentralTegucigalpa2124614.09°N87.22°W
MexicoBaja CaliforniaMexicali36357432.65°N115.47°W
MexicoBaja CaliforniaTijuana24369232.53°N117.02°W
MexicoSonoraPuerto Peñasco33333631.32°N113.53°W
NicaraguaManaguaCiudad Sandino1123912.16°N86.34°W
Summary of Responses by Geo
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
UTM:(16P -207 378 10000)33248133.97°N94.59°W
UTM:(16P -221 404 10000)24273836.28°N94.97°W
UTM:(16P -222 399 10000)35268935.84°N94.93°W
UTM:(16P -227 414 10000)24283737.17°N95.13°W
UTM:(16P -238 402 10000)24272136.09°N95.13°W
UTM:(16P -238 403 10000)24273136.18°N95.14°W
UTM:(16P 025 151 10000)2817713.69°N89.27°W
UTM:(16P 026 151 10000)21717213.69°N89.17°W
UTM:(16P 034 147 10000)2211913.34°N88.43°W
UTM:(16P 036 147 10000)1112313.34°N88.25°W
UTM:(16P 040 147 10000)1113813.34°N87.88°W
UTM:(16P 047 155 10000)2124314.07°N87.23°W
UTM:(16P 056 133 10000)1123312.08°N86.40°W
UTM:(16P 057 134 10000)2124212.17°N86.31°W
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