M6.6 – Queen Charlotte Islands Region

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 15:30:46 UTC
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 07:30:46 Local
Globe at 50 -130. Click to view event page.

52.15°N 131.38°W
Depth: 11km

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City map ZIP: Hyder (99923) Intensity: II Responses: 1 ZIP: Hyder (99923) Intensity: II Responses: 1 ZIP: Ketchikan (99901) Intensity: II Responses: 2 ZIP: Metlakatla (99926) Intensity: II Responses: 1 ZIP: Metlakatla (99926) Intensity: II Responses: 1 ZIP: Metlakatla (99926) Intensity: II Responses: 1 City: Prince Rupert Intensity: III Responses: 28 City: Kitimat Intensity: III Responses: 25 City: Terrace Intensity: III Responses: 20 City: Smithers Intensity: III Responses: 8 City: Port Hardy Intensity: IV Responses: 3 Geocoded Map Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(9U 0615 6070 5000) Intensity: III Responses: 8 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(9U 0410 6015 5000) Intensity: III Responses: 28 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(9U 0515 5980 5000) Intensity: III Responses: 25 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(9U 0605 5615 5000) Intensity: IV Responses: 3 Coords: Geocoded box UTM:(9U 0525 6040 5000) Intensity: III Responses: 20
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Summary of Responses by Zip
StateZIP NameZIP CodeMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
OROregon City970453199945.33°N122.53°W
WAMaple Valley980382185647.40°N122.02°W
WAOak Harbor982771175548.32°N122.63°W
Summary of Responses by City
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
CanadaBritish ColumbiaAbbotsford4172849.06°N122.30°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaBurns Lake3144054.22°N125.77°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaCampbell River2149349.99°N125.23°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaDuncan2266148.78°N123.70°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaKitimat32527454.01°N128.70°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaPort Hardy4331350.72°N127.50°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaPrince George2160953.91°N122.77°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaPrince Rupert32825254.32°N130.31°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaSmithers3840454.77°N127.17°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaSooke2168848.38°N123.73°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaTerrace32032154.52°N128.61°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaVancouver2266449.28°N123.13°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaVanderhoof2253554.02°N124.02°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaWhite Rock2169749.03°N122.83°W
CanadaBritish ColumbiaWilliams Lake2163252.13°N122.14°W
Summary of Responses by Geo
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
UTM:(9U 0410 6015 5000)32824954.30°N130.34°W
UTM:(9U 0515 5980 5000)32527153.99°N128.73°W
UTM:(9U 0525 6040 5000)32032454.53°N128.58°W
UTM:(9U 0605 5615 5000)4331550.70°N127.48°W
UTM:(9U 0615 6070 5000)3840554.79°N127.17°W
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