M5.8 – Near the Coast of Nicaragua

Saturday, July 2, 2005 at 04:11:04 UTC
Friday, July 1, 2005 at 22:11:04 CST
Globe at 10 -85. Click to view event page.

11.29°N 86.58°W
Depth: 30km

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City/ZIP Map City: San Juan Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: Fortuna Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: San Isidro (San Isidro de El General) Intensity: IV Responses: 2 City: Jacó Intensity: III Responses: 1 City: San Juan (San Juan de Tibás) Intensity: III Responses: 2 City: Diriamba Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Santa Ana Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Alajuela Intensity: II Responses: 2 City: Managua Intensity: II Responses: 3
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Summary of Responses by City
CountryRegionCityMMIResp.Distance (km)LatitudeLongitude
Costa RicaAlajuelaAlajuela2229410.02°N84.23°W
Costa RicaAlajuelaFortuna3123110.48°N84.65°W
Costa RicaAlajuelaSan Juan3128110.10°N84.32°W
Costa RicaPuntarenasJacó312839.62°N84.63°W
Costa RicaSan JoséSan Isidro (San Isidro de El General)423809.37°N83.71°W
Costa RicaSan JoséSan Juan (San Juan de Tibás)323119.96°N84.08°W
Costa RicaSan JoséSanta Ana223039.94°N84.18°W
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