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US and worldwide responses 1994-2013. View yearly cumulative response maps.

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MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
I2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.39°N -155.25°W 2Km Deep2015-04-08 13:07:36 UTC2015-04-08 03:07:36 LOCALHV608899910
II2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.30°N -155.38°W 2Km Deep2015-04-06 08:08:46 UTC2015-04-05 22:08:46 LOCALHV608879411
IV4.5HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.75°N -156.10°W 10Km Deep2015-04-05 13:23:52 UTC2015-04-05 03:23:52 LOCALHV60887176279
IV3.3HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.14°N -155.81°W 25Km Deep2015-04-05 10:16:58 UTC2015-04-05 00:16:58 LOCALHV6088710126
II2.7HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.14°N -155.81°W 25Km Deep2015-04-05 08:59:58 UTC2015-04-04 22:59:58 LOCALHV608870761
I2.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.67°N -155.14°W 38Km Deep2015-04-02 16:57:14 UTC2015-04-02 06:57:14 LOCALHV608854611
III2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.75°N -156.00°W 13Km Deep2015-03-30 03:08:11 UTC2015-03-29 17:08:11 LOCALHV608831063
II2.8ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.32°N -155.38°W 29Km Deep2015-03-28 00:19:53 UTC2015-03-27 14:19:53 LOCALHV608819861
II2.3ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.30°N -155.38°W 5Km Deep2015-03-16 18:09:54 UTC2015-03-16 08:09:54 LOCALHV608733461
II1.9HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.45°N -155.00°W 43Km Deep2015-03-14 16:09:25 UTC2015-03-14 06:09:25 LOCALHV608722911
II2.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.44°N -155.77°W 6Km Deep2015-03-09 07:58:57 UTC2015-03-08 21:58:57 LOCALHV608683861
IV3.7ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.68°N -155.98°W 13Km Deep2015-03-06 10:22:32 UTC2015-03-06 00:22:32 LOCALHV60866736231
IV3.1HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.02°N -155.90°W 27Km Deep2015-03-06 08:54:40 UTC2015-03-05 22:54:40 LOCALHV6086672612
II1.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.41°N -155.30°W 7Km Deep2015-02-25 07:06:37 UTC2015-02-24 21:06:37 LOCALHV608594411
I2.8ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.14°N -155.45°W 47Km Deep2015-02-25 06:06:19 UTC2015-02-24 20:06:19 LOCALHV608594161
II2.2HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.01°N -155.39°W 12Km Deep2015-02-22 19:50:16 UTC2015-02-22 09:50:16 LOCALHV608573562
III2.2HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.46°N -154.86°W 0Km Deep2015-02-22 13:37:25 UTC2015-02-22 03:37:25 LOCALHV608572112
I2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.38°N -155.28°W 2Km Deep2015-02-20 23:23:34 UTC2015-02-20 13:23:34 LOCALHV608563711
III2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.52°N -155.98°W 13Km Deep2015-02-17 02:37:15 UTC2015-02-16 16:37:15 LOCALHV6085343112
IV3.3HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.00°N -155.39°W 10Km Deep2015-02-16 23:40:56 UTC2015-02-16 13:40:56 LOCALHV6085325146
IV3.2HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.01°N -155.38°W 8Km Deep2015-02-16 22:49:44 UTC2015-02-16 12:49:44 LOCALHV6085320120
II2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.35°N -155.92°W 19Km Deep2015-02-14 23:04:05 UTC2015-02-14 13:04:05 LOCALHV608518662
II2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.38°N -155.28°W 2Km Deep2015-02-13 12:33:10 UTC2015-02-13 02:33:10 LOCALHV608507511
II3.0ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.17°N -155.46°W 8Km Deep2015-02-12 05:46:34 UTC2015-02-11 19:46:34 LOCALHV608497912
IV4.3ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.37°N -155.34°W 13Km Deep2015-02-09 18:16:15 UTC2015-02-09 08:16:15 LOCALHV60848586109
III2.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.44°N -155.92°W 12Km Deep2015-02-08 22:57:33 UTC2015-02-08 12:57:33 LOCALHV6084834620
I2.8ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.34°N -155.13°W 4Km Deep2015-02-08 13:43:45 UTC2015-02-08 03:43:45 LOCALHV608481260
II2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.39°N -155.28°W 2Km Deep2015-02-01 20:14:33 UTC2015-02-01 10:14:33 LOCALHV608446414
II2.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.48°N -155.73°W 11Km Deep2015-01-30 21:24:48 UTC2015-01-30 11:24:48 LOCALHV608436062
II1.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.32°N -155.17°W 1Km Deep2015-01-30 13:20:43 UTC2015-01-30 03:20:43 LOCALHV608434512
III3.2ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.36°N -155.09°W 8Km Deep2015-01-29 10:06:23 UTC2015-01-29 00:06:23 LOCALHV6084256618
III2.8ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.37°N -155.08°W 1Km Deep2015-01-25 07:15:20 UTC2015-01-24 21:15:20 LOCALHV608401711
IV3.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.33°N -155.12°W 7Km Deep2015-01-24 08:30:22 UTC2015-01-23 22:30:22 LOCALHV60839711133
III2.7ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.11°N -155.63°W 8Km Deep2015-01-22 17:51:38 UTC2015-01-22 07:51:38 LOCALHV6083819611
II2.7ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.87°N -155.50°W 26Km Deep2015-01-20 02:08:28 UTC2015-01-19 16:08:28 LOCALHV608366061
III2.5HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.00°N -155.47°W 11Km Deep2015-01-19 18:11:22 UTC2015-01-19 08:11:22 LOCALHV608361911
II2.0ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.40°N -155.27°W 0Km Deep2015-01-19 10:43:17 UTC2015-01-19 00:43:17 LOCALHV608360812
III3.5HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.03°N -155.47°W 13Km Deep2015-01-19 10:30:10 UTC2015-01-19 00:30:10 LOCALHV6083607656
II2.6HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.00°N -155.84°W 31Km Deep2015-01-17 20:51:37 UTC2015-01-17 10:51:37 LOCALHV608352861
II2.7HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.41°N -154.84°W 7Km Deep2015-01-13 10:57:16 UTC2015-01-13 00:57:16 LOCALHV608322763
III3.2ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.91°N -155.93°W 44Km Deep2015-01-06 13:01:03 UTC2015-01-06 03:01:03 LOCALHV608270669
III2.7ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.18°N -155.65°W 10Km Deep2015-01-06 08:08:49 UTC2015-01-05 22:08:49 LOCALHV608270166
II2.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.31°N -155.22°W 8Km Deep2015-01-06 00:26:22 UTC2015-01-05 14:26:22 LOCALHV608268761
II2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.09°N -155.44°W 44Km Deep2015-01-05 19:29:26 UTC2015-01-05 09:29:26 LOCALHV608267766
II2.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.60°N -155.25°W 0Km Deep2015-01-05 08:38:00 UTC2015-01-04 22:38:00 LOCALHV608263111
II2.8HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.08°N -155.88°W 28Km Deep2015-01-01 16:15:54 UTC2015-01-01 06:15:54 LOCALHV608252415
III2.9HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.13°N -155.69°W 24Km Deep2014-12-16 00:57:00 UTC2014-12-15 14:57:00 LOCALHV6081766621
II2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.42°N -155.33°W 7Km Deep2014-12-14 23:34:27 UTC2014-12-14 13:34:27 LOCALHV608172863
III2.2HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.43°N -154.95°W 3Km Deep2014-12-05 07:12:06 UTC2014-12-04 21:12:06 LOCALHV608119217
I2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.38°N -155.22°W 4Km Deep2014-12-05 05:24:03 UTC2014-12-04 19:24:03 LOCALHV608117960