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MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
III2.8ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.21°N -155.56°W 0Km Deep2015-11-24 13:26:22 UTC2015-11-24 03:26:22 LOCALHV611123461
II2.8HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.02°N -155.80°W 31Km Deep2015-11-16 14:12:54 UTC2015-11-16 04:12:54 LOCALHV611042318
III2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.22°N -155.45°W 36Km Deep2015-11-09 20:30:21 UTC2015-11-09 10:30:21 LOCALHV610968761
III3.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.31°N -155.21°W 8Km Deep2015-11-09 20:21:38 UTC2015-11-09 10:21:38 LOCALHV6109686115
II2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.33°N -155.12°W 7Km Deep2015-11-06 23:59:37 UTC2015-11-06 13:59:37 LOCALHV610932761
III1.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.43°N -155.63°W 3Km Deep2015-10-28 06:25:46 UTC2015-10-27 20:25:46 LOCALHV610814811
III3.0MAUI REGION, HAWAII20.56°N -156.60°W 10Km Deep2015-10-20 01:18:49 UTC2015-10-19 15:18:49 LOCALHV610710613
II2.7HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.73°N -156.09°W 36Km Deep2015-10-19 20:38:22 UTC2015-10-19 10:38:22 LOCALHV610707261
III2.0ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.42°N -155.63°W 2Km Deep2015-10-19 03:45:34 UTC2015-10-18 17:45:34 LOCALHV610699611
III2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.34°N -155.32°W 3Km Deep2015-10-17 15:48:20 UTC2015-10-17 05:48:20 LOCALHV610679011
III2.3ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.28°N -155.21°W 10Km Deep2015-10-16 07:56:52 UTC2015-10-15 21:56:52 LOCALHV610644411
IV3.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.34°N -155.08°W 7Km Deep2015-10-16 06:41:50 UTC2015-10-15 20:41:50 LOCALHV6106428698
I2.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.97°N -155.54°W 42Km Deep2015-10-15 16:09:12 UTC2015-10-15 06:09:12 LOCALHV610631361
II2.8ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.27°N -155.45°W 1Km Deep2015-10-15 10:09:15 UTC2015-10-15 00:09:15 LOCALHV610628761
II2.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.34°N -155.13°W 7Km Deep2015-10-11 03:37:55 UTC2015-10-10 17:37:55 LOCALHV610585911
IV3.2ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.43°N -155.62°W 3Km Deep2015-10-06 08:18:08 UTC2015-10-05 22:18:08 LOCALHV610541761
II2.1HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.06°N -155.53°W 17Km Deep2015-10-04 20:53:15 UTC2015-10-04 10:53:15 LOCALHV610530612
III2.9HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.02°N -155.79°W 29Km Deep2015-10-03 22:24:39 UTC2015-10-03 12:24:39 LOCALHV6105244620
II2.1HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.01°N -155.79°W 29Km Deep2015-10-03 21:36:29 UTC2015-10-03 11:36:29 LOCALHV610524211
III2.0ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.41°N -155.28°W 2Km Deep2015-10-02 10:01:48 UTC2015-10-02 00:01:48 LOCALHV610510111
II2.0ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.43°N -155.29°W 2Km Deep2015-10-01 02:15:28 UTC2015-09-30 16:15:28 LOCALHV610498161
I2.4ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.34°N -155.12°W 7Km Deep2015-09-30 01:11:07 UTC2015-09-29 15:11:07 LOCALHV610488960
III3.4ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.33°N -155.12°W 7Km Deep2015-09-25 10:27:37 UTC2015-09-25 00:27:37 LOCALHV610456966
II3.0HAWAII REGION, HAWAII18.84°N -155.16°W 10Km Deep2015-09-24 02:51:05 UTC2015-09-23 16:51:05 LOCALHV610444911
IV3.8ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.35°N -155.08°W 8Km Deep2015-09-17 22:32:49 UTC2015-09-17 12:32:49 LOCALHV6104054133
II2.5HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.40°N -154.91°W 1Km Deep2015-09-14 08:51:36 UTC2015-09-13 22:51:36 LOCALHV610379862
I3.0HAWAII REGION, HAWAII18.93°N -155.54°W 39Km Deep2015-09-13 08:17:09 UTC2015-09-12 22:17:09 LOCALHV610373010
III2.0HAWAII REGION, HAWAII18.92°N -155.55°W 39Km Deep2015-09-13 08:16:20 UTC2015-09-12 22:16:20 LOCALHV610372961
II2.4HAWAII REGION, HAWAII19.45°N -154.89°W 0Km Deep2015-08-28 10:00:41 UTC2015-08-28 00:00:41 LOCALHV610225562
III2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.33°N -155.11°W 6Km Deep2015-08-27 15:17:53 UTC2015-08-27 05:17:53 LOCALHV610215062
IV3.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.30°N -155.21°W 9Km Deep2015-08-27 14:39:19 UTC2015-08-27 04:39:19 LOCALHV6102148125
II2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.75°N -155.39°W 27Km Deep2015-08-23 16:07:31 UTC2015-08-23 06:07:31 LOCALHV610166811
I2.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.49°N -155.90°W 14Km Deep2015-08-08 06:31:51 UTC2015-08-07 20:31:51 LOCALHV610012760
II2.9MAUI REGION, HAWAII20.10°N -156.01°W 17Km Deep2015-08-03 10:38:22 UTC2015-08-03 00:38:22 LOCALHV609967015
III2.5ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.38°N -155.26°W 0Km Deep2015-08-02 14:07:14 UTC2015-08-02 04:07:14 LOCALHV609961211
III2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.41°N -155.54°W 0Km Deep2015-07-18 05:38:57 UTC2015-07-17 19:38:57 LOCALHV609831913
II2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.42°N -155.61°W 2Km Deep2015-07-18 05:38:56 UTC2015-07-17 19:38:56 LOCALHV609831862
I2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.45°N -155.23°W 29Km Deep2015-07-11 03:21:46 UTC2015-07-10 17:21:46 LOCALHV609771860
IV3.2ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.31°N -155.20°W 8Km Deep2015-06-28 08:54:47 UTC2015-06-27 22:54:47 LOCALHV6096830611
IV3.1ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.30°N -155.21°W 8Km Deep2015-06-28 08:54:47 UTC2015-06-27 22:54:47 LOCALHV609683017
IV5.2ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.34°N -155.21°W 8Km Deep2015-06-28 08:10:10 UTC2015-06-27 22:10:10 LOCALHV60968241952
III2.2HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.01°N -155.60°W 13Km Deep2015-06-12 23:07:59 UTC2015-06-12 13:07:59 LOCALHV609589911
II1.9ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.41°N -155.28°W 0Km Deep2015-06-09 16:32:57 UTC2015-06-09 06:32:57 LOCALHV609567811
III3.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.30°N -155.21°W 8Km Deep2015-05-31 21:59:48 UTC2015-05-31 11:59:48 LOCALHV6095035615
I2.7HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.07°N -155.26°W 15Km Deep2015-05-29 07:07:03 UTC2015-05-28 21:07:03 LOCALHV609482110
III2.6ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.54°N -155.96°W 13Km Deep2015-05-28 15:56:16 UTC2015-05-28 05:56:16 LOCALHV6094753610
III2.4ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.70°N -155.37°W 8Km Deep2015-05-23 05:07:40 UTC2015-05-22 19:07:40 LOCALHV609437112
III2.9HAWAII REGION, HAWAII20.04°N -155.66°W 16Km Deep2015-05-23 05:07:30 UTC2015-05-22 19:07:30 LOCALHV6094371637
II3.2ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.46°N -155.47°W 8Km Deep2015-05-21 02:10:14 UTC2015-05-20 16:10:14 LOCALHV609418211
II2.0ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII19.45°N -155.90°W 15Km Deep2015-05-19 14:35:01 UTC2015-05-19 04:35:01 LOCALHV609406262