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US and worldwide DYFI responses 1994-present.
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Found 3 matching results for “NM after 2000 with ID 95*
MMIMagLocationEvent TimeEvent IDResponse
III2.9ARKANSAS36.08°N -90.99°W 0Km Deep2009-01-26 10:52:31 UTC2009-01-26 04:52:31 CSTNM95674
III2.8TENNESSEE35.65°N -89.69°W 8Km Deep2009-01-16 21:09:44 UTC2009-01-16 15:09:44 CSTNM95523
III2.6SOUTHEASTERN MISSOURI36.40°N -89.58°W 11Km Deep2008-11-14 18:20:56 UTC2008-11-14 12:20:56 CSTNM9542